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Tips on Combating Others Peoples Negativity

I think most people could name at least 1 person who is close to them, that might have a "Negative Nancy" reputation. Sometimes, being around that person can be tough, no matter how much you like, love or care about them. 

I choose to live as much of a positive life as possible.. but when that close person includes you in either mean gossip or even putting YOU down (In the famous words of Britney Spears) that can be "TOXIC"! That is when you need to pull out your big, red STOP sign.

OK- maybe instead of being extra, below are a few more "subtle" options to turn negative comments into a positive future.

1) Change the topic

If the negativity stream is light.. try changing the topic to something more upbeat! If you feel like it's just a few here and there comments, no need to completely confront the Negative Nancy, just redirect them ;)

2) Be straight up and tell that person you're trying to create a more positive outlook in your life

Not many people can argue this perspective. If you let them know that one of your resolutions is to be, think, and become more positive, chances are they'll understand!

3) Genuinely ask how they are doing.  How many times does someone look at you in your eyes, and REALLY ask how you are doing. I can honestly and regretfully say that I do not do this enough to the people i care most about. We all have things going on in life that can drag us down. Negative Nancy might just need someone to ask and get to the root of what exactly is causing these negative comments to pour out.

4) Limit the time you spend with that person

This is a great option especially if the negative comments are directed to you.. distance makes the heart grow fonder! Sometimes a little space can be good for your relationship.

5) Snip, Snip

If this person really just doesn't align with the type of relationships you strive for, cut em out. Obviously, this option is directed towards friends, not family. But hey, it's your life! You are in control! You have this amazing thing called POWER. Use it, it'll look good on you. 

Have any helpful tips? Comment below!

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