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Seed Cycling: How to Prepare

Hormonal breakouts, painful periods, cravings.. Just PMS symptoms in general... HOW FUN!?

Many of us (including myself) cannot do anything when they get their monthly gift. Stuck on the couch with intense pain, searching for a hot compress. It even starts effecting you a few days before you even get it. Those terrible jawline breakouts, insane cravings (mine is anything with chocolate in it) I’ve always felt that taking the natural approach first is best for my health overall. That’s when I found several articles on seed cycling.

SEED CYCLING The idea of Seed Cycling is to consume specific seeds everyday throughout the month, cycling the different types about every 14 days.

First Day (follicular phase): 1 Tbsp of Raw pumpkin seeds + 1 Tbsp of Flax seeds (both freshly ground) This continues for 14 days. The 15th day (luteal phase): 1 Tbsp of Raw Sunflower and 1 Tbsp of Sesame seeds. Continue until you get your monthly gift! This can get confusing so below is a little visual to make sense of it all!

How to prepare for seed cycling: Head on over to your local grocery store with your reusable bulk bags OR if your area has a BulkBarn, even better. They have a reusable container program.. how sustainable?! So gather up your mason jars people! Or you can purchase the containers in the store! Lucky for me, they even had a promotion on when I went in..

20% off any regular priced item if you bring a reusable container or bag

My bill by the end of it was under 30 dollars.. That's with the four containers i purchased from bulk barn. The supply should last me at least two months!

Way's to consume: -In a smoothie -In yogurt -On top of toast (peanut butter, almond butter, avocado) -Energy Balls

Additional Tips: -Combine Seed Cycling with Evening Primrose Oil. Taking the tablets can maintain healthy and hydrated skin, improve skin elasticity, reduce acne related inflammation.

-Use organic if possible, to minimize exposure to environmental toxins

-Keep your seeds in a glass jar in the fridge or freezer.. to keep your stock nice and fresh!

I'm NO expert on this and this is my first time trying seed cycling. I'm looking forward to tracking my progress and updating (whoever is reading this) once a few months goes by. If anyone starts their seed cycling journey, PLEASE reach out and share any tips you have!


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