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Say Goodbye to Aluminum

Okay people, lets just be real. How many natural deodorants have you purchased and are sitting on your toiletries shelf waiting to be used. But be honest, you don't feel like using them because you think "well there's no point.. it'll last for 5 whole seconds"

Well, I've FINALLY figured out the perfect concoction . and to top it off they're OBVIOUSLY from companies that are taking sustainable steps while making their products :)

Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar This product makes all the difference. It works to detoxify your pits, so the transition to natural deodorant isn’t so... smelly. In the shower, lather up and let it work its magic! I love a bar (not just the ones that serve mimosas) but the PLASTIC FREE kind! Why put it in a bottle when you can turn it into a solid product. As if this product wasn't good enough, it has the EWG stamp of approval, Bonus! 


I never thought I’d end up using a spray deodorant.. I hear spray, and I think axe or vic secret nasty, toxic spray! But this spray is AH-MAY-ZING. The ingredients include mineral salts that fight unwanted smells naturally. It also contains patchouli, palmarosa, lavender, and vanilla. I apply once in the morning, and again later on in the day. This is a small sacrifice i'm okay with, as i'm so determined to keeping my underarm pores free of aluminum, YUCK!

Saje roll-on scent - Since switching to non-toxic, I stopped using perfume as well. I think of this step as the “cherry on-top”. A little extra love will have you smellin' real good hunnayyy! I personally switch it up between a variety of Saje roll on's based on how i'm feeling/what i'm doing. I have "Period" which I use for a week out of the month (Uhg, periods am i right?)

I also love using "Peppermint Halo" whenever i'm working out or taking a yoga class. It keeps me awake and energized! 

Combining these three ingredients, you'll make a seamless transition to a healthier way of smelling good!

Do you have a natural deodorant routine that works for you? Comment below!


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