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SELF-CARE SUNDAY: Positive Actions + Choices You May Already Be Making

With 2020 kicking off, we tend to think of all the things we NEED and SHOULD be doing. Trying to stick to those pesky new year resolutions.. 9 times out of 10, we tend to fail at giving ourselves recognition for the great things we ALREADY do! It is important to express self-gratitude on the sustainable and positive actions and decisions we make daily.

In order to recognize these amazing things, I suggest creating a list for yourself to reflect on. This list can consist of even little things, because the little things can create BIG positive outcomes!

Here are a few examples of positive actions, choices, and decisions I make that i'd like to express gratitude towards:

1) Bringing your reusable cup to the coffee shop

Whoop whoop! Remember, it’s REDUCE, then recycle you guys! Whenever you can reduce the amount of plastic that hits our community, it’s a win! 

2) Walking to work/gym/school/appointment

Well, this one is easy for me.. I choose to live car-less. I have the privilege to live in a central and safe area. I walk to both jobs, all appointments (doctor, dentist, acupuncturist, bank) my gym and yoga studio. Walking saves me money, gets my steps in, and most importantly takes one less vehicle off the road! 

3) Shopping at a consignment store rather the typical retail store

You can go to consignment shops or even consignment events! ARCHIVE puts on these AH-mazing events for guys and gals to come to. Last event I bought a pair of Aritzia shorts that were originally $115.... GOT EM FOR $15. I highly suggest inviting a few friends with you, maybe even hit up a cute brunch spot for a few mimosas post shop!

4) Selling your trash to be another persons treasure

Letgo is my personal favorite, Craigslist is a close second. A great option when de-cluttering.

5) Cleaning your space with non-toxic cleaning products

Amazing action that’s good for you and the planet! Water, white vinegar, castile soap and essential oils.. and you my friend have created a DIY non-toxic cleaning spray! 

6) Smile at a passersby

A kind gesture goes so far, it could make someone’s day, or rather, your smile might just create an endless act of kindness trail. It’s free and it takes less muscles in your face than frowning does.. it’s a win-win!

7) Supporting a local business rather then a big corporation

In the area I live in, there are a ton of mum and pop/ small businesses to choose from. Buy your fruits and veggies from a local produce shop rather than the giant grocery store. 

8) Give a compliment to a stranger

Yesterday, I saw a woman wearing a pink teddy bear coat and I almost died but instead of dying I complimented the woman’s coat. She went on to tell me where it was from. You never know where just a compliment can lead to or just how much that compliment can mean to someone.

9) Offer help to a friend/family/coworker without expecting anything in return

Everyone needs help, whether it’s taking their dog for a walk, babysitting, or picking something up from the store for them. Expect nothing but a thank-you in return.

10) Participate in pay-by-donation community events

Once a week I choose to make a routine of going to my yoga studios “karma class” where each person donates just $5 to take the class. The studio chooses a cause to donate the funds to - SO AMAZING

So go ahead people, write out your list, ACKNOWLEDGE The things you already do, and give yourself GRATITUDE

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