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I would rather be “annoyingly'' positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful.

Sometimes in life, you’ll be walking along in your community, minding your own business. You might even have a yoga mat rolled up on your back, with a slight grin on your face, when ALL OF THE SUDDEN, someone with a mean mug, walking on the other side of the street with a grey cloud over their head thinks “That person is so FAKE”.

No hunny, that ain't true.

That person glaring from afar, judging you is unfortunately going through some deeper inner issues, where they feel the need to throw daggers in your direction.

Yes, in today’s society, people post “highlight reels”. All the healthy meals they eat, all the cool stuff they bought, heck.. maybe some fancy cars they own too. It may seem people are being “fake positive” or “putting up a facade”. But this is when we all have to remind ourselves, not everyone is going to post their negative moments, family/ friend drama, or just all around bad days in general. Just because someone’s Instagram is a positive space, doesn't mean their immune to trolls hateful judgment.

Striving to be the BEST person you can be, motivating others, and spreading knowledge to people on how they might be able to live a more fulfilling positive life, should NEVER be frowned upon, judged, or assumed as not being genuine.

Pointing out “Omg, this b*tch is so fake” should really be a time of the past. It’s 2020 people.. It’s time to put our big girl panties on and focus on bettering YOUR life, not putting someone else’s down.


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