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HUSTLE while maintaining BALANCE in your life

Speaking on behalf of all Millennial's.. We are HUSTLIN'!

You're either a full-time student/employee, all while putting your energy in either a side gig, your fitness, a hobby, or even a second job (like me)

This is a guide to maintain balance in your life..

1) Write out a list of things that make you happy

This is a chance to clear your mind, sit back, and think of activities to do for YOURSELF. Whether that's slathering on a charcoal face mask for 10 minutes or heading to a hot yoga class... MAKE TIME FOR YOU. (mine would be jade rolling my face while binge watching as many episodes as Nashville as I can)

2) Avoid getting "hangry"..

From Home to work to an exercise class, there's a BIG chance in becoming hangry.. I always make sure my handbag has at least 1 Larabar in it at all times.

3) Utilize your calendar

By jotting down all appointments, dates, work schedule, social events, family time, (heck) even grocery shopping, you can schedule in YOU time. This is essential to having balance in your life. Don't be afraid to put "ME TIME" in your calendar. By having balance, you'll be less likely to burn out.

4) Be comfortable with saying "No"

If a friend or family member or even your boss is asking you for your time and energy on something when you feel like you're already going to LITERALLY COLLAPSE.. say no. Be in tune with your energy levels and know when you're taking on too much, you're future self will thank you.


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