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4 Steps to swap toxic beauty for *clean beauty*

Updated: Jan 5

STEP 1: Lay out all your products you use daily.

This means skin care, makeup, hair products, YOU NAME IT.

(basically anything you slather, brush, apply to your beautiful body)

STEP 2: Download a clean beauty app to analyze your products.

I suggest EWG's Healthy Living App (Environmental Working Group)

All you do is scan the bar code of your product (or look it up in the directory), review the EWG score, and BAM, you have a full report on your product!

STEP 3: Keep or Toss!

If the product scores a low number or even better, is EWG Verified.. then Congrats! You were using a clean beauty product! If the product scores a high number.. TOSS it baby, your body will thank you later.

HOWEVER.. Lets do some quick research on how to recycle the product the right way.. while working on our own health, let's be mindful of our planets health as well!

STEP 4: Research Clean Beauty Substitutes.

If you're left with close to no products in your daily skin care/beauty/hair care routine.. CELEBRATE! This is a chance to start fresh :)

Take a visit to to learn which brands are transparent with their ingredients and have the EWG stamp of approval.


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